Microgaming Go - Welcome to The World Of Mobile Slots

When it comes to gaming software developers, if you are a regular player at online casinos you will have probably spent many enjoyable hours on your PC or laptop, playing one or more of the 600 Microgaming slot games available to you. Now there is Microgaming Go, developed for the mobile gamer who doesn't restrict their online activities to home but likes to also have the freedom to play their favorite games on the go.

Having been around since 1994, Microgaming have steadily developed into the industries' all time mega superstar. In 2009, its Mega Moolah slot game shattered all the jackpot records paying out the lucky winner over $6 million, so you could say their reputation really speaks for itself.

Now there's mobile Microgaming casino software developed for smart phones and iPads, those that like to play their games on the go can join in the fun too. You have to understand not everyone just wants to play their games when they are at home. In this fast paced world, different people have different schedules, and what suit one person may not necessarily suit another. It is with this in mind, an opportunity was carved out for the player who is always out and about with their iPad, tablet or smart phone to ensure no stone was left unturned, and no single person left out.

As you would expect from this premium game software developer, the same quality and reliability you have come to expect from your favorite games on your PC is also a feature with their Microgaming Go offering. You will see a lot of your favorite games, ready for you to delve into just like you were at home. One feature that they have also kept which some other game providers have not included for whatever reason is their progressive jackpots.

Progressive jackpots are absolutely key and fundamental to most players. Sure it's nice to pick up your pay outs when they come along, but the dream of ultimately hitting the 'Big One', is what fuels the fire, so the fact this is still available with Microgaming Go software can only be welcomed with open arms.

Putting the new application to the test, you will be very impressed with its reliability and dependability. It very rarely crashes unlike with some others, navigation is an absolute breeze, and you will struggle to find any real major differences of note other than perhaps the auto spin feature has not been added. Although this is a nice feature its omission is hardly enough to stop you in your tracks, and it's also worth mentioning, with smart phones and the likes, unlike our PC's with their large memories, space is quite restricted, so something had to give. As mobile application space is increased you would imagine there will be many new feature that will be encompassed. It's time to step in to this new world now whilst still in its infancy, Time for mobile magic time, bring the action!

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